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 Aliens  Glow in the Dark
 Lottery Tickets  Luck
 Money  Stickers
 Teeth  Theme

 3D Joe Corporation -- Featuring spy toys, water toys, Wild Planet and Room Gear.
 Active People -- Sells innovative motion toys for the mind, body and soul.
 Alpha Polaris -- Sends a message into space encoded in a beam of light. Offers both individual sales and memberships. Includes explanatory description of services.
 Archie McPhee -- Offers a variety of joke and novelty items.
 Big Fun Toys -- Sells toys, gifts, games, puzzles, practical jokes, and fun for people of all ages.
 Bizarre -- Large assortment of strange and unusual products, including crooked cards and patriotic money. -- offering fake lottery tickets, parking tickets, and million dollar bills.
 BK Puff & Stuff -- Fun gifts for birthdays, baby showers, and golfers.
 Blood Bubbles -- Offers Blood Bubbles which leave 'blood' splatters where ever they burst.
 Booger Hollow Trading Post -- Offers puzzles and handcrafted items.
 Bosley Bobbers -- Specializes in Pez dispensers, lunch boxes, and bobble head dolls including cartoon and sports characters, actors, singers, presidents, and retired.
 BrainButtons -- Joke buttons of all types including; political, gay, atheist, and peace.
 CalPac Lasers -- Sells laser novelties and hi-tech gadgets.
 Captain Quack -- Retailer of assorted rubber ducks. Products include seasonal and classic rubber duckies.
 Cartway Kapers -- Offers a variety of joke and novelties.
 Cell Mates -- Sells hanging cubicle accessories made of fabric.
 Characters 'n' Toons -- Offers a wide range of licensed character toys and collectibles from movies and television.
 Cheap Wooden Gifts -- Offers inexpensive wooden toys including a rubber band gun and personalized plaque and heart shaped plaque.
 CheapNovelty -- Sells electronic novelties such as Luminglas, plasma balls, strobe lights, and black lights.
 Chooby -- Specializes in handcrafted Australian wooden toys from trucks to helicopters.
 Christys of London -- Manufacturers authentic costumes for children and adults.
 Cleaford Bird Whistles -- Sells affordable, easy to use bird whistles.
 Cool -- Get your college degree fast by ordering these authentic looking imitations. -- Punker fashion accessories and skateboards. Offers items that are spiked and studded, chokers, bracelets, belts, and wallets.
 Cranberry Creations -- Offers cranberry items including live cranberry plant centerpieces and topiaries.
 Damned Games -- Offering unusual games,Ouija boards, humorous bumper stickers, cards, Erudite Ephemera, cool toys and other icons of pop culture.
 Decalifornia -- Offers wacky decals, stickers, and t-shirts.
 DeHarpport -- Offering Greenbeam laser pointers with pulsed and constant output. -- Pen style laser pointers, keychains and tools.
 Dixies -- Offering a variety of magic tricks, pranks and other novelty items.
 Doughboy Shop -- Pillsbury merchandise includes cookbooks, beanbag dolls, jewelry, and collectibles.
 Eternity Sky -- Offers a large assortment of stickers, patches, and tie-dye t-shirts. Themes include animals, insects and aquatic life.
 Excalibur Electronics -- Sells parlor games, executive gifts, hand-held toys, pop-up tents, fitness products and astronomy computers.
 Find It -- Offers a key or remote locator. -- Retailer of electronics, safety devices, clothing products and furniture.
 Florida Swampland -- Sells Florida swamp land in one-inch quantities.
 Flying Carpet Disc -- Sells flying discs made from carpet.
 Fun Express -- Price and selection leader in the sale of toys, novelties party supplies, and giftware.
 Fun for All -- Unique selection of pranks, gags, novelty and toys.
 Fun Shop -- Sells holiday costumes, masks, and props for children, pets and adults. Lava lamps, Beanie babies, lifesize standups, and gag gifts.
 Fun Spoof Newspapers -- Hit the headlines with a personalized spoof newspaper written by a journalist.
 Gadget Japan -- Sells wacky, funny, cute and cool gadgets including Hello Kitty, Nisemon, Umininn, Ultraman and Licca-chan l.
 Gemsacs -- Sells a bag of 'gems' collected by Earthly S. Gnome as he traveled about the world. Comes in a velvet sack with embroidered logo.
 Ghoulie babies and Glamour Vamps -- Offers goth, vampire and fantasy dolls.
 Gifts for Geezers -- Specializing in special event gags such as retirement, and landmark birthdays.
 GK Beaulah Ltd. -- Makes family arms mounted on wall shields.
 Grand Found Company -- Offers wood craft construction toys. -- Featuring pop culture toys, tiki mugs, fake ice and food. -- Offers green laser pointers.
 Hammacher Schlemmer -- Offers a wide collection of products available around the world.
 Hangin 4 Fun -- Sells political and social satire characters on a rope.
 Herbko International Incorporated -- Crossword puzzles, games, psychic balls, singing cake plates, and musical guitars.
 Highland Games -- Hand-made wood and fabric toys, tricks, puzzles and flexagons. -- Christmas family activities in a box.
 J and J Ventures -- Nostalgic products for everyone.
 Jills Nuts -- Offers ring box cases made of nuts.
 John Deere Toys 4 U -- Tractors, general merchandise, apparel and caps.
 Johnson-Smith -- Offers wacky, bizarre novelties and unique merchandise.
 Jokey -- Offers Jokey's watches, buttons and magnets.
 Josh's Original Products -- Offers novelties, unique gifts, anniversary gifts, home décor, collectibles and much more.
 Jumping Beanditos -- Sells Mexican jumping beans for kids and adults. Read about what makes them jump. -- Novelty gifts such as colour contact lenses, cufflinks, mugs and clothing.
 Jutenhoops -- Offers cards and items including red pepper light strings, backward clocks and costume aprons.
 Kids Specialties Co. -- Custom-imprinted giveaways and kids meal promotions.
 Kitsch On-line -- Offers 50's pin ups and movie icons nuzzle with religious relics, nostalgic toys, cow cruet sets and fluffy table lamps.
 Lie Busters -- Sells lie detectors, software, and games.
 Lighter Side -- Offers collectibles like Betty Boop and Elvis, nostalgia, humorous t-shirts, party stuff.
 Lightrix -- Holographic puzzles, spinners, visors, and glowing items.
 Liquid Sunshine Designs -- Bottles in a variety of shapes and colors which when shaken produce a lava lamp type effect.
 LNS Technologies -- Sells do-it-yourself hobby electronic kits.
 Lucky Buckeye -- Offers Buckeye which has been reported for the past two centuries to bring good luck.
 Mables -- Sells cocktail accessories, novelty kits, candy cigarettes and a wide variety of fun party gifts.
 Mad Hatter's Market -- Specializing in teenage toys/products to create a party atmosphere for the college age room.
 Magic Tricks and Pub Games -- Offers magic tricks and a range of board and dice games.
 Magnum 12 -- Offering rubber band guns.
 Make Big Bunches of Bubbles -- Offering a hand-crafted bubble wand set, including tray and tip sheet.
 Marvel Market -- Sells scientific gadgets, unique presents, souvenirs and decorative items.
 Master Peez -- A doll that urinates when cold water is poured on his head.
 Memory Makers -- Novelty computer keys at discount prices. -- Adult novelties: finger paints, body paints, bachelorette party gifts, honeymoon gifts, warming oils,and incense.
 My Freaky Family -- Offers bean bag chairs, lava lamps, neon signs, kitchen gadgets, home spa and gift baskets.
 My-Own-Beach -- Specializes in making beachfront obtainable to everyone.
 Neon Art -- Offers neon art, furniture, and hats.
 NetWanga Voodoo Bags -- NetWanga uses powerful voodoo spells to protect your computer and network from Y2K evil.
 Nicholson House -- Offers a gallery of contemporary American crafts, unique gifts and jewelry.
 Novelty Discount -- Variety store, gifts, toys and party supplies. Cart, contact information and shipping terms.
 Novelty House -- Toy and novelty wholesaler specializes in party favors, play toys, prizes, and supplies for carnival games, children's birthday parties, and school events.
 Off The Deep End -- Offers 1940's and 50's styled aloha shirts, flamingos, housewares, cooking sauces and other unusual things.
 Office Playground -- Offers funny office supplies, desk accessories, and stress relievers.
 Otherland Toys -- Sells remote controlled cars, ships, airships, aeroplanes, and robots. -- Gifts for over-the-hill, middle-aged baby boomers, including 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays and other milestone birthday gift ideas.
 Pane in the Ass -- Offers a picture frame attached to a donkey. The perfect way to let someone know you are annoyed.
 Party Scratchers -- Offers lotto-style party games for baby showers, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.
 Party Star -- Offering an assortment of pinatas in several styles. -- Sells gift boxes, wristbands, treasure bags and chokers. Buy a bag of Chinese stones for good luck.
 Plaza Q -- Online distribution of Pucca, Mashimaro, Orange Story, Morning Glory, Sanrio toys and novelty jewelry.
 Possibilities Shop -- Features unique gifts, including Curious George and Dr. Seuss items.
 Prairie Tumblweed Farm -- A small farm that plants, harvests and ships prairie tumbleweeds anywhere in the world.
 Preemostuff Novelty Gifts -- Gag gifts including unique coffee travel mugs, special memo pads, and funny Christmas cards.
 Puff and Stuff -- Offers a variety of gag gifts, jokes for all occasions, novelty gifts and lava lamps.
 Rainbow Symphony Store -- Sells science, educational and executive gift items. Products include suncatchers, rainbow makers and eclipse shades.
 Rebecca's Fun and Games Warehouse -- Carries wholesale kids novelties at discounted prices.
 Redneck Products -- A collection of redneck cartoons on t-shirts, hats, baby clothes, and novelties.
 Rhode Island Novelty -- Offers items and toys from The PowerPuff Girls, The Simpsons, Marvel Comics, Woody WoodPecker, The Grinch, Rocky and Bullwinkle and The Land Before Time.
 Royal Holographic Art Gallery -- Huge selection of 3-D holograms and holographic gifts including holo sunglasses, holo watches, Star Trek holograms and laser pointers.
 S&D Inc. -- Offers a variety of John Deere themed chimes and garden utilities.
 Sacred Living -- Offering the Hollybox, a box of items to use throughout the Christmas season.
 Secret Storage Books -- Hardcover books with a secret compartment in which to store all kinds of treasures.
 Sign Avenue -- Custom street name and big game warning signs.
 Silicon Valley Store -- Merchandise includes clothing, desk accessories and logo merchandise from major Silicon Valley companies.
 Silly Universe -- Gags, gifts for kids and magic.
 Skrew -- Sells official merchandise for bands, movies, TV shows, and sports teams.
 Slick Times -- Products centered around political humor, especially the president and presidential elections. Also accepts toll-free, fax and mail orders.
 Snaggletooth Varmints -- Novelty joke products.
 Specialty Toys Direct Inc. -- Sells wholesale toys and novelties to arcades, carnivals, amusement parks, and organizations.
 Square Inch -- Offering a piece of the United States for buyers as a keepsake or a conversation piece.
 Squigglebabies -- A mood cube made from wood, in the shape of a square.
 Tao of the Doodle -- Doodle t-shirts and add on stories.
 Technacraft Corp -- Offers unique gifts for discriminating people.
 The Joke Shop -- Offering jokes, pranks, tricks, costumes and wigs. UK shop delivers worldwide.
 The Toymaker's Workshop -- Offers plans for making toys, and presents manufactured games. Includes information on toymaking programs and videos. -- Seller of items connected with throwing, including sporting goods, party supplies, fake vomit, garbage bags. Also provides custom logo printing and promotional items. -- Offers a variety of pop culture toys, including lunchboxes and bobble heads.
 Toy Connection -- Small toys, novelties, prizes and imprinted items at wholesale prices.
 Toy Web -- Offers items from Toy Story, Furby, Grinch, and Barbie.
 Twisted Gifts -- Offers Party supplies and novelty gifts including lava lamps, luminglass and fart machines.
 U.S. Novelty -- Gag items include balloons, cutouts, crepe paper, music, prizes, games, and magic items.
 Unique gifts -- Australian items ranging from Black Stump Water to Outback Sunshine.
 United Cyberspace -- Offering toy robots and computer birth certificates.
 Vic's Enterprises, Inc. -- Children's novelty items for all occasions.
 Vogue International Galleries -- A collection of large figurines, baskets and dolls.
 Voodoo Dolls by VTU -- Offers personalized voodoo dolls plus a do it yourself voodoo kit.
 We Love Stuff -- Sells inflatable beds, toys, and fun gadgets for all ages.
 Wearable Roadkill -- Original puppets and puppet hats, designed to look like casualties of the road.
 Winmor Gifts -- Offers novelty toys and gifts for all occasions.
 Wishrock -- Offering a mystical rock, born of the stars and moon.
 Wonderfully Wacky's Unusual Gifts -- Unique gifts for men and women. Inflatable 'Scream' doll, hand chair, pin the ear on Van Gogh, send a message in a bottle, projection clock and miniature gardens.
 World of Boxes -- Offers handcrafted wooden boxes, including celestial, romantic, wildlife, tarot and playing card boxes.
 Zipadeedoodah -- Sells oil filled magic wands and keychains.
 Zube Tube -- Sells a sound making toy.

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